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Press Release - Arnold, MO - August 4, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to thank many people for your support in this race for U.S. Congress.

Thank you to Cheryl Kiefer, my Treasurer for wading through all of the paperwork to make sure that we were following all the rules to the letter and to her husband Larry for his expertise in videotaping for our excellent TV commercials and YouTube videos. Thank you to all the spouses of my major supporters who sacrificed a lot of time with your family to help us do what we believe to be the right things for the country. Thanks to my group of volunteers who worked very hard to get out the word for me, especially Tracy Leever who never gave up in her daily work for the campaign. A special thanks to Joshua Carne who did a lot of the physical labor necessary for the campaign. Thanks to John Wilds and Larry for your unyielding work in this massive heat to be wherever we needed you to be to hand out literature.

Thanks to the many groups online who gave their endorsements and support including David Levine of The David Levine Show, The Twisters, Christina Clio of The Bold Pursuit, and The Super Dave Show (now in the process of being syndicated across the country). A special thanks to those who gave me their endorsements: Pat Boone, Tina Stull, Chuck Farneth, David Usher, Tim Bueler and Stephanie Davis. A special thanks to ARFCOM and Soveriegn Arms for significant assistance. Also my thanks to all of you who reposted and tweeted my posts and gave me encouragement.

And, of course, thanks to all who donated to the campaign. I also want to thank the untold numbers of people around the world who prayed for our campaign and the success of the campaign. There are many others who worked in a number of ways who have not been mentioned by name, but I very much appreciate the help of so many.

We have analyzed the results and know that the outcome of this election was skewed by a number of factors that caused the results to be something that could not have been predicted. We all feel good about the effort that we put forward and we all know that we had the most noble and altruistic motives behind our efforts. This campaign was never about us, but what we still believe is best for America and the 3rd District of Missouri. I am comfortable with the efforts that I put forward and fully accept the consequences of the election. I know that God has other plans. I have met so many truly great people that I know share genuine beliefs that there is much we need to do to get our country back. I am happy to know that they are working for that goal and I hope that I will be able to work in the background in some way to also bring about the salvation of the real American Way of Life.

Finally, I would like to say that the past three years has been exciting, interesting and in many ways a lot of fun. I have enjoyed the opportunity to run for office. Thanks to all who have made it possible.


John Wayne Tucker


The Difference


Congress Is Broken

There is a clear difference between the candidates in the 2010 Republican primary for the Missouri 3rd Congressional District. Will we send a servant or a politician to Washington? Someone with real life experience or a lawyer heavily involved in party politics?

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My Basic Beliefs

I would like to assure each of you that I am a disciplined and principled person. My entire life has been given in service as a minister and teacher. My only motivation for becoming a Congressman is to be a servant to the people and help restore America to it's moral compass and historically proven success methods.

And I would like to make it very clear that my values are not for sale.

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  • Life is created by God. Only God has dominion over it. This is a non-negotiable issue for me.
  • The economy is one of our main issues at the present. We need to limit spending and require a balanced budget.
  • Our freedoms are facing a significant challenge. We must have someone who will defend the Bill-of-Rights.
  • The Constitution must be the basis for decisions regarding government.
  • We must control our borders. Illegal immigration is illegal. It must be stopped.
  • The government does not have the right to nationalize anything. We are not Socialists. I oppose Socialism.
  • I am a strong advocate of the 10th Amendment - States' Rights.